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  Empress Embedded Database Features:


    Kernel and SQL APIs multilevel control in the Empress layered architecture for optimization and rapid prototyping.

    Layered Architecture database access at 4 Levels for developer trade-off between low-level system optimization and rapid prototyping.

    Text Search Index allows efficient search for database records using keywords, tokens and phrases

    Spatial Search Index database searches using geographic location data

    Cancel Functionality building responsive interactive real-time applications.

    Hierarchical Query allows effective data retrievals of data that is hierarchical by nature

    JDBC Interface allows Java programmers to access the database using standard JDBC calls.

    C++ APIs call MR routines directly from C++ programs.

    Database Encryption sensitive data with fast retrieval to protect data at rest.

    64 BIT Operating System Versions for storing and manipulating much larger data using the latest and fastest operating system technology

    UTF-8, UNICODE & National Language Support allows different language character sets to be used at both the program and HTML file page level.

    Replication Server is used for high data availability in multiple locations, relieving Lock Contention and resolving recovery  from system failures. 

    Time-out Functions can be set by the application developer to support deterministic response for real time applications.

    Callable Administration API provides database administration tasks on the embedded devices such as backup, automatic recovery, reinitialization of the database from scratch or backup, logging, data reorganization, data integrity checking and repairing, index rebuilding, etc.

    Fast Bulk Data Handling allows performance approaching flat file access speeds for binary objects (BLOBs).

    Bulk Chunks allow slicing up large binary objects into smaller segments to optimize system performance.

    Unlimited Attributes and File Indexes optimize performance.

    Persistent Stored Modules allow rapid development time by creating reusable functions for database manipulation.

    Triggers and Stored Procedures enhance the efficiency of database applications and make automation easier by eliminating repetitive programming.

    No Pre-Partitioning required allows optimal use of the native O/S file system.

    Referential Constraints and Range Checks data integrity.

    Micro-Second Time Stamps allows you to store and retrieve the occurrence of real-time system events down to a millionth of a second.


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