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    Technology Overview


    Empress Layered Architecture allows database access at 4 Levels for developer trade-off between low-level system optimization and rapid prototyping.  

    Empress kernel level mr API  is a unique feature of Empress that gives users access to the Embedded Database kernel  libraries. This Empress API provides the fastest means of accessing Empress databases.  MR Routines give the developer maximum control over time and space in developing real-time embedded database applications.                                  

        Empress layered architecture

    Empress Layered Architecture


    The Empress C/C++  API Embedded SQL  is an ANSI  standard SQL  interface.  Empress Embedded SQL Interface is well suited for usage in real-time embedded database applications.


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    Empress ODBC and JDBC APIs  applications to access Empress databases in both standalone and client/server mode. Empress ODBC and JDBC APIs enable many 3rd party ODBC and JDBC capable software packages to access a local Empress database or via Empress Connectivity Server. 

    An Empress database may be accessed Via a variety of Web technologies, such as Java  Server Pages (JSP), PHP  scripting language, or Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) in conjunction with Empress ODBC  or JDBC  Interfaces. The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is another mechanism that allows Web servers to execute Empress database programs and incorporate their output into the text, graphics, and audio sent to a Web browser. 

    Loaded with smart technology, useful features and a rich set of industry standard APIs, EMPRESS helps you get your application developed, running and out to market quickly and effectively.

    Easily Embeddable
    EMPRESS can be linked with a client application in a single address space.  This allows applications using EMPRESS to be deployed as a single unified program.

    Deterministic Response
    EMPRESS supports deterministic response through alternative data structures and time-out functions. Time-out functions on database calls return control to a calling application once a specified time limit has been exceeded.

    Lightning Fast Performance
    EMPRESS is one of the fastest embedded real-time database engines in the industry.Kernel level C API need not be parsed at run time and include fine control over locking, memory management, and selection based on record numbers

    Need for Speed
    When you need even more speed, Empress technical experts can help you
    wring the last ounce of speed from your benchmark or application.

    Flexible Development
    Applications can be developed in a variety of programming languages including C, C++, C#, JAVA, Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic and HTML.

    Small Footprint
    EMPRESS is highly modular with a small footprint. The footprint size depends on the host operating system, compiler and the number of EMPRESS options chosen.

    High Availability
    EMPRESS supports high availability methodologies including database integrity utility, recovery log, support for RAID systems and EMPRESS Replication Server.



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