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Empress Software is seeking to establish long term partnerships with application developers and manufacturers of computerized solutions and devices. Our philosophy is to allow developers direct access to Empress technology, so that they can seamlessly and effortlessly embed Empress Embedded  Database into their solutions and devices. Thus, we believe, our partners shorten time-to-market cycles and make their solutions available ahead of competition. We wish all our partners great success, because Empress Software is only as good as our partners are.


Types of Partner Programs

Empress  Software  has  six different types of Partner Programs, namely:

  1. Distributor Program partners in countries other than the US and Canada who wish to distribute Empress Embedded Database.

  2. EPSP Program for starter or low volume partners who wish to embed Empress in their application or device at a discount.

  3. GSA Program for system integrators and US government customers who wish to license Empress Embedded Database at favorable government terms and pricing.

  4. One-Time License Program for partners who wish to embed Empress in their application or device for a royalty-free one-time fee for their project.

  5. VAR Program for those partners that wish to embed Empress in their application or device on a discounted pay-as-you-go or royalty basis.

  6. Volume License Program for those partners who wish to secure volume pricing for applications or devices used internally.

Empress Distributors and Business Partners

Click on the following links to see the lists of Empress Distributors and Business Partners

  1. Empress Distributors

  2. Empress Business Partners




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