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Empress One-Time Licensing Program

Empress Embedded Database is one  of  the  most reliable databases designed for embedded applications on   Linux, Unix, Windows,  VxWorks and Real Time systems. Empress is fast, has a small footprint and is easy to integrate. Empress can work with the smallest, high-volume, resource-constrained applications through the largest, most mission-critical avionics, defense and telecommunications systems.

Major Advantages
The key advantages of  the One-Time Licensing Program are:

  • One-time fixed fee, the Embedded System Developer can deploy as many Empress runtime copies on the same product as required with no overhead of keeping track of each licensed copy
  • Significantly reduces per unit cost

What is needed
The Embedded System Integrator will need to:

  • Sign the Empress standard Empress One Time License Agreement
  • Provide Empress with a description of the product

What is included
The  One-time Licensing Program fee is per  individual product/type on one target operating system*. This fee includes:

  • Five development licenses
  • Library for the target system
  • Unlimited run time licensing
  • One year direct technical support (one contact)
  • One year free upgrades

*As determined by Empress Software Inc.
**This offer is subject to change without notice.

For more information, please contact Empress Software.To celebrate its 30th anniversary in the database market, Empress is providing a low-cost, no-hassle, one-time licensing program to Embedded System Developers using Empress Embedded Database technology for single board and embedded computer applications. This offer applies  only for  new business.



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