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Empress Persistent Stored Modules (PSM) allow users to store user-defined functions, operators, stored procedures and triggers in the database, as objects in a schema. These objects can then be invoked from SQL statement and application programs.

A Stored Procedure a procedural database object that can be invoked by any client program.

Triggers are special types of stored procedures that get invoked (" fired" ) automatically whenever certain events occur, and the conditions satisfy. Traditionally, triggers have been associated with database events such as insertions, updates or deletes.

PSM is a very useful enhancement of Empress RDBMS as:

  1. It can improve performance and can be used as a structuring device for the application programs. Quite often an application program performs a fair number of database accesses to produce a limited number of results. If this program requires to be executed repeatedly in the client/server environments, it can be time consuming because of network overhead. It is more efficient to run this program on the server side. One way to do this is to put the program into a procedure and store into the database as part of schema definition. This way, not only the performance gets improved, but also the application programming becomes more structured.
  2. It is a powerful tool for extending the functions of RDBMS to meet customer specific requirements. Empress provides many functions and operators which are included with the standard distribution.  However, when an additional function is required to operate on the data, you can extend the functions of Empress to fulfill your specific needs through the User Defined Functions capability. Persistent Stored Modules provide an easy interface to incorporate user defined functions into RDBMS. 



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