April 23, 1999

For Immediate Release


Greenbelt, MD. -- Empress Software Inc. announces support for XML in the recent release of Empress Hypermedia V8.20, the Internet Applications Development Toolkit powered by the Empress RDBMS. Empress Software's support for XML is driven by the desire to power the high degree of data interchange within business applications on the Internet, intranets and extranets.

A significant benefit XML delivers to the Empress user is full control in defining tags and the structural relationships between tags in a web document. Unique web documents can be created specifically for the nature of an application and its embedded data managed by the Empress RDBMS. Application developers can define all of the semantics of an XML document, enabling the creation of these highly application-specific web documents.

"The Internet, intranets and extranets allow for data exchange to occur in a smooth, fast and efficient manner like no other medium can," states Njai Wong, Director of Product Development. "By supporting XML in Empress, we provide database-fed application developers a powerful and extensible way to mark up information."

Data-intensive applications especially utilize the strengths of XML because data can be separated from formatting tags within a web document. This provides a powerful means to extract, mark up, and reuse data. For instance, data can be extracted from an Empress database, altered to suit the developer's needs, and then utilized in another application.

For more information about Empress Hypermedia, consult HyperAction, a new on-line publication covering web application development issues including XML-related topics. HyperAction can be found at http://www.empress.com/services/hyperaction/v7/.

Empress Software develops and supports the Empress Relational Database Management System. The Empress RDBMS V8.20 is one of the most powerful and cost-effective databases designed especially for embedded systems developers working with UNIX, Windows or real-time environments. Empress is used successfully in many fields, including image and voice management, telecommunications, medical systems, telephony systems, multimedia applications, geographical information systems and network management.

For more information about Empress, please call 301-220-1919. Check our web site at www.empress.com or send e-mail to info@empress.com. You can write to us at Empress Software, 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Greenbelt, MD, 20770.

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