September 15, 1998

For Immediate Release

Empress's C++ Interface Unleashes The Power of Object-Oriented Programming

Empress's C++ Interface: Ease, speed and efficiency in creating and managing objects.

Greenbelt, MD - A new Empress C++ Interface option is now available for users of the Empress RDBMS V8.10. Empress's C++ Interface provides the capability of calling kernel- level mr and mx routines from C++ programs in order to perform high-speed Empress database manipulations. Moreover, the extended functionalities of C++, along with Empress's new Persistent Stored Modules, provide an ideal object-oriented application development environment.

C++ and Empress enable programmers to capitalize on the advantages that come with storing information as objects and programming in an object-oriented language. For instance, programs are easier to modify since new objects that are created can simply inherit their characteristics from the existing objects. Additional capabilities that reduce programming complexity and prevent accidental program alterations --such as information hiding-- are also now possible. Moreover, Empress's C++ Interface is located directly in the kernel-level, the fastest level within Empress's solid, multi-level architecture.

"Working in an object-oriented environment allows programmers to define both the data type and data functions as one entity: the object. This can greatly simplify information management as well as make many other capabilities such as inheritance and encapsulation possible," states Ivor Ladd, Vice President of Technology. "Because C++ is such an asset to database developers, Empress feels it is important to provide this interface to our customers."

Empress Software develops and supports the Empress Relational Database Management System. The Empress RDBMS V8.10 is one of the most powerful and cost-effective development databases especially designed for embedded systems developers operating on Unix, Windows or real-time environments. Empress has been utilized successfully in many fields including image and voice management, space exploration, flight simulation, telecommunications, medical systems, telephony systems, geographical information systems and network management.

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