July 29, 1998

For Immediate Release

Empress's New JDBCTM Interface Delivers JavaTM Technology

Create Java-technology based Web servlets and CGI programs; Utilize Sun's AWT

Greenbelt, MD -- Empress announces support of Sun's JDBCTM API for the Empress RDBMS. Via the Empress JDBC Interface, Web server developers and GUI developers can take advantage of a host of tools and capabilities to display, retrieve and format information residing on Empress relational databases. Web developers can easily create JavaTM servlets and CGI programs to manage Empress databases. GUI developers can utilize the Java platform's freely-distributed Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) as a powerful applet and graphical application development environment.

With the Empress JDBC Interface, programmers have the ability to create servlets and CGI programs using the Internet application development environment provided by Empress HypermediaTM. Servlets, written in Java language, are particularly efficient. These servlets, which are applets that reside within a Web server, can fulfill multiple requests. They are persistent, giving them the ability to reside in memory even after fulfilling the original request. Moreover, applets can be embedded into applications. This increases efficiency since an applet can be invoked from many different applications without repeated programming.

"Java technology is undoubtedly growing in popularity, especially as a language ideal for the Internet environment," states Njai Wong, Director of Product Development. "Empress offers products well-suited for Internet computing via a robust database and development tools. Fusing both the Internet computing technologies of Empress and the Java platform, the Empress JDBC Interface enables the creation of a powerful applications development environment."

Furthermore Sun's Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) can now be utilized via the Empress JDBC Interface. Sun's AWT allows you to create buttons, menus, scrollbars, dialog boxes and even entire GUI applications to display Empress information. Moreover, developers using the Empress RDBMS and Sun's AWT have increased flexibility through the cross-platform functionalities of both products. The AWT is not operating system specific, allowing you to bypass platform-specific windowing issues. Empress also provides for cross-platform functionality between Unix and Windows environments through the Empress ODBC Interface. Moreover, Empress allows users to select from over 1500 popular Unix and Windows operating systems.

Empress Software develops and supports the Empress Relational Database Management System. The Empress RDBMS V8.10 is one of the most powerful and cost-effective development databases especially designed for embedded systems developers operating on Unix, Windows or real-time environments. Empress has been utilized successfully in many fields including image and voice management, space exploration, flight simulation, telecommunications, medical systems, telephony systems, geographical information systems and network management.

For more information about Empress, please call 301-220-1919. Check our web site at www.empress.com or send e-mail to sales@empress.com. You can write to us at Empress Software, 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Greenbelt, MD, 20770.

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