August 21, 1997

For Immediate Release


Options in Indices: Speed and Efficiency in Data Retrieval

August 21, 1997 -- Greenbelt, MD. -- The Empress RDBMS user now has an added option in selecting an indexing method which best serves their need for a specific application. In addition to the B-tree indexing method, users of the Empress RDBMS can take advantage of a new index method called TIMESERIES.

Both indices are geared to perform with optimal speed and efficiency in the search and retrieval of indexed data. However, each index method is unique in its ability to perform with optimal speed within different circumstances. For cases dealing with repetitive index data in which index data values reoccur periodically, the B-tree is more efficient. For cases dealing with index data in which values are always new and do not repeat, TIMESERIES is more efficient.

Moreover, the new TIMESERIES indexing method is ideal in applications in which key index values change dramatically over a period of time. For instance, in using the TIMESTAMP data type, in which the index data is not repetitive and the values change drastically within a span of time, TIMESERIES can be used for optimal efficiency. However, even for non- repetitive data, the TIMESERIES index method may be more efficient if the key index values consist of a large range of values and shift the distribution of the index values to one side of the index tree.

"Indexing large amounts of information while exerting the least amount of search time is a major asset to a database user," states Ivor Ladd, Vice President of Technology. "By having both the B-tree and TIMESERIES indexing method available, the user can make the best choice for optimizing index data retrieval speed. B-tree optimizes for fixed index data distribution, while TIMESERIES optimizes for continuously changing index data distribution".

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