April 21, 1997

For Immediate Release


Empress and Digital develop UNIX and NT cross-platform development solutions

April 21, 1997 -- Greenbelt, MD. -- Empress Software Inc announces support for Digital Equipment Corporation's AllConnect for UNIX program, a program designed to assist software developers in the integration and migration of UNIX and Windows NT applications. The interoperability between UNIX and NT environments makes Empress' and Digital's products ideal solutions for developers seeking flexibility across multiple operating systems.

John Kornatowski, President and CEO of Empress Software stated, "Digital and Empress are committed to providing our customers with quality, efficient, high performance development tools that support open and cross-platform application development."

Empress has recently unveiled a combination of RDBMS development tools including the Embedded Empress RDBMS Developer's Toolkit for UNIX and NT. The toolkits include the Empress RDBMS, a full-function RDBMS unsurpassed in handling large binary or multimedia data (BLOBS), the Empress HTML Toolkit for interfacing database driven applications to the Internet/Intranet and the Empress ODBC Server which enables the RDBMS to work with a wealth of 3rd party ODBC-compliant tools including Visual C++, Visual Basic, MS Word, Excel, Access, Lotus 1-2-3 and Lotus Approach. The Toolkits are available at a competitive cost/performance price starting at $1,000 for 2 users on NT, $5,600 for typical workstations and $22,100% for mid-range servers.

"For over seventeen years Empress has provided Digital customers with state-of-the-art database development tools. The binary data handling capabilities of the Empress RDBMS make it a solid, strategic choice for Unix power developers migrating or integrating with NT," said Tim Yeaton, vice-president of Digital's UNIX business segment.

Empress Software develops and supports the Empress Relational Database Management System. The Empress RDBMS is one of the most powerful and cost-effective development databases available for scientific and engineering organizations using Unix, Windows or real-time environments. The Empress RDBMS is capable of managing text and multimedia data in the most demanding applications such as weather forecasting, space exploration, flight simulation and geographical information systems. Embedded systems applications include image and voice management, telecommunications and network management.

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