For Immediate Release


Markham, Ontario, Canada (December 1, 1995) -- Empress Software, Inc., announced today the availability of the EMPRESS multimedia RDBMS version 6.8 for Linux. EMPRESS FOR LINUX is a full featured, multi-user version of EMPRESS' multimedia RDBMS, while PERSONAL EMPRESS FOR LINUX™ is a single user version which includes a full documentation suite and many extras all on one CD ROM.

EMPRESS FOR LINUX is a full function multi-user version of the EMPRESS multimedia RDBMS. EMPRESS FOR LINUX is priced by number of concurrent users. Besides the multimedia RDBMS, options that are available are the 4GL application generator, GUI Builder development tool, EMPRESS CONNECTIVITY™, EMPRESS HYPERMEDIA™ and many others. EMPRESS FOR LINUX includes Empress-in-One, a point and click rface which enables even the novice user to begin development immediately. Technical support is available for an additional fee.

EMPRESS CONNECTIVITY™ is an ODBC interface for Windows and UNIX users desiring PC to UNIX or UNIX to UNIX connectivity. EMPRESS HYPERMEDIA™ is a World Wide Web HTML toolkit. Both versions of Empress include a.out as well as ELF binary formats.

PERSONAL EMPRESS FOR LINUX™ includes the EMPRESS multimedia RDBMS, 4GL application generator, GUI development system, Dynamic SQL, Empress in One, and EMPRESS HYPERMEDIA™. PERSONAL EMPRESS FOR LINUX™is priced at the special introductory price of $149.00 USD. Technical support is available for an additional fee. Both products are available from Empress Software, or from ACC Bookstore at (800) 546-7274.

"Linux is experiencing unprecedented growth throughout the world," said John Kornatowski, Empress' President, "We're proud to support the concept of Linux by adding EMPRESS FOR LINUX and PERSONAL EMPRESS FOR LINUX™ to our product mix."

Empress Software manufactures and distributes the Empress RDBMS, as well as 4GL development tools, GUI development tools, ODBC client/server, and other related products through a distributor network in more than 30 countries around the world. The Empress multimedia RDBMS is available for all leading UNIX platforms and UNIX variants.

Empress Software is a privately held company headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada with offices worldwide. More information about Empress Software, Inc., and its complete line of multimedia RDBMS products can be found at