Internet Presence Displayed at Database & Client/Server World, Booth #1209

DATE: June 13, 1995

CONTACT: John Kornatowski, President (301)220-1919

Greenbelt, Maryland -- June 13, 1995 -- Empress Software Inc., announces the launch of its new Home Page on the Internet World Wide Web. Users calling http://www.empress.com can download Empress technical notes, receive current information on product releases and updates, read profiles of applications developed using EMPRESS, connect with other users, and order products and services such as new Personal Empress for Linux and its associated technical support. Capabilities of the Empress Home Page will be demonstrated at the upcoming Database & Client/Server World '95 trade show, Booth #1209, June 13-15, at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

"The Internet and the World Wide Web are the new paradigm for conducting business in a globally connected marketplace," said Empress President John Kornatowski. "Many of our customers, resellers and technology partners who are already established on the Web expect the people they do business with to be there, too. Getting involved now keeps us responsive to our customers, colleagues and friends."

By using its Web site as a complete on-line information repository, Empress is laying the groundwork for the reduction and possible elimination of fax and mail distribution of sales and marketing information. The Empress Technical and Release Notes are already available for on-line reading and retrieval by customers with password access. Unrestricted public access is available to customer profiles and success stories, news releases, hot links to Empress users and partners and product ordering.

The first product available for ordering on-line is the new Personal Empress for Linux, a low-cost standalone single-user development environment designed especially for the rapidly growing Linux users community. Priced at just US$80 in the U.S. and Canada and US$120 outside of North America, Personal Empress for Linux includes Version 6.6 of the EMPRESS RDBMS and 4GL application generator; SQL, Dynamic SQL and host language C interface; and the EMPRESS GUI Builder for Motif. On-line orders for Personal Empress, and the optional technical support, require a valid credit card. The product is shipped on CD-ROM.

Linux is a shareware, Unix-like, POSIX-compliant operating system created by principal author Linus Torvalds and other programmers around the world. Used for software development, networking, and as an end-user platform, Linux is gaining popularity as a cost-effective alternative to more expensive Unix systems. While distributed at no charge on the Internet and at low cost on CD-ROM, Linux is protected by the GNU Public License which requires that the source code always be freely available.

Empress will give away one free copy of Personal Empress for Linux each day at Database & Client/Server World. Contest rules and information will be available at Empress' Booth #1209.

Empress has developed the world's most advanced RDBMS, 4GL and GUI Builder with features such as ANSI standard SQL, a "C" callable RDBMS kernel, a full function report writer and 4GL application generator. Offering advanced functionality, including object-oriented capabilities and multimedia datatypes, EMPRESS delivers high performance applications that can be prototyped, developed and executed in local or distributed mode with true location independence. With its user-defined functions, the EMPRESS GUI Builder stores and displays binary data using Motif with mouse support.

EMPRESS was designed in Toronto by John Kornatowski and Ivor Ladd. Applications developed with EMPRESS include mapping, weather forecasting, voice messaging, multimedia, image processing, medical systems, CAD/CAM, as well as traditional RDBMS and 4GL solutions. Empress' Sales and Marketing offices are in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Greenbelt, Maryland, and in San Jose, California. Toronto, Canada, is the site of the company's Research and Development Center, as well as International Sales and Marketing.

For more information, contact Empress Software, 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 220, Greenbelt, MD 20770. Call 301-220-1919. Fax 301-220-1997. For Canadian and international inquiries, call 905-513-8888. Canadian and international fax 905-513-1668.