January 26, 2000

For Immediate Release

Empress Database Now Available on Free, Open-Source Operating System, FreeBSD

Greenbelt, MD -- Empress Software, developers of the EMPRESS Relational Database Management System, announces the immediate availability of the EMPRESS RDBMS on FreeBSD, the freely distributed, open source code UNIX operating system. Empress hi-tech data management software features the ANSI-SQL EMPRESS RDBMS, an Internet application development toolkit, JDBC Interface, ODBC server and other companion products for rapid development of database applications. EMPRESS on FreeBSD delivers performance, scalability, and reliability designed to build E-commerce, Web, embedded and other scientific and engineering applications.

EMPRESS RDBMS operating in a FreeBSD environment optimizes performance and reliability. For data intensive applications, EMPRESS easily stores and retrieves heavy loads of information. The fast, robust database engine supports high volume electronic commerce Web sites with constant traffic and gigantic downloads. And EMPRESS on FreeBSD offers solid reliability for Internet service providers and developers building traffic intensive Web sites.

When building an application for large corporate use or just getting started on the Web, EMPRESS on FreeBSD is a scalable, versatile foundation for application development. The EMPRESS RDBMS features unlimited storage capacity and the ability to store and retrieve virtually any type of data, from bulk objects, to variable length text, to image and sound. In addition, EMPRESS supports all major UNIX, Windows NT and real- time platforms for easy cross-platform development. FreeBSD's distribution free of charge under an open source license and its availability on a variety of hardware, further add to its ease of use as a flexible development environment.

"For over 20 years, the technologies of EMPRESS and BSD have been fine tuned and enhanced. Together, they give UNIX developers the most 'bang-for-your-buck', cost effectively delivering scalability, reliability and the power to efficiently process huge amounts of information," said Nadia Wong, Vice-President Marketing, Empress Software.

Empress Software develops and supports the Empress Relational Database Management System. The EMPRESS RDBMS is one of the most powerful and cost-effective development databases especially designed for developers operating on UNIX, Windows or real-time environments. Empress has been utilized successfully in diverse fields including image and voice management, telecommunications, medical systems, telephony systems, geographical information systems and network management.

For more information about Empress, please call 301-220-1919. Check our web site at www.empress.com or send e-mail to info@empress.com. You can write to us at Empress Software, 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Greenbelt, MD, 20770.

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