Empress Software Year 2000 Certifications

Empress Software products have been designed and implemented with Year 2000 compliance in mind. Empress Software products fully meet the requirements of the BSI (British Standards Institute) standard, BSI DISC PD2000-1.

1) Empress Software products inherently process dates. These products have been reviewed for Year 2000 compliance:

Empress Software Products (Version 6.10, Version 8.10 and Version 8.20)

2) These products correctly identify calendar dates into, during , and beyond the Year 2000, including leap years.

3) These products correctly calculate, compare, sort and/or display dates.

4) Empress certifies that product design/construction has been reviewed to identify Year 2000 problems.

5) Any problems found have been corrected. (See more)

6) No additional prerequisite software is needed.


Year 2000 Conformance of Empress Software Products

BSI DISC PD2000-1 A Definition of Year 2000 Conformity Requirements